Celebrate Spring with the Easter Bunny at Fashion Island


Visit Fashion Island this season and enjoy an Easter experience. Find the signs in the courtyards listed below (hint: they say "Scan for an Easter Surprise!") and scan the QR code with your mobile device to activate the experience. Share your photos with us on Instagram @FashionIsland.

Courtyard Locations:
Neiman Marcus Courtyard
Atrium Lawn
Nordstrom Courtyard

Person holding a smartphone in their hand

How It Works

Bring the Easter Eggs to life with these simple steps:

  1. Look for the signs in the Center with an Easter QR Code.
    Scan the code.
  2. Make sure your sound is on and your phone is off silent.
    Get a good pose with the Easter Eggs.
  3. Take your photos and videos!
    Photos and videos will automatically save to your camera roll.
  4. Share!
    Be sure to tag @FashionIsland on your posts!
Try it Out

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