Bearfruit Jewelry

Suite 941

Welcome to Bearfruit Jewelry, a style-creating collective with an endlessly optimistic vibe. Their mantra is: Be the light. Because, choosing to be the light is always an option.
Whatever darkness surrounds you at any moment’s time, there is always a tiny light that glimmers inside of you, and you have the power to ignite it to any size, with any amount of force and longevity. All it needs is a sprinkle of hope and courage. Bearfruit carefully crafts each piece of jewelry with the beauty of the light. With gorgeous metals and eye-catching sparkle, our jewelry feels good.
It lifts you up and takes you to places you’ve never dreamed of—in your head and in real life.
We want you to journey down your unique path with intention, to be your most confident self, to live out every dream.
And, of course, we want you to “bear fruit”—more than you could ever imagine.
Be the light.