Sushi Roku

Suite 327
Japanese, Sushi Bars & Asian
Outdoor Seating
Curbside Pickup
Takes Reservations

Sushi Roku combines the finest, freshest fish from pristine waters around the globe with the kind of artistry that can only be provided by a mature sushi chef ensuring superlative traditional sushi, together with a splash of California innovation. Sushi Roku is a pioneer of contemporary sushi, incorporating diverse, non-traditional ingredients from Latin America (e.g. jalapeños) and Europe (e.g. olive oil) into its edible works of art. This unique culinary experience that bridges past and present is the result of an eagerness to embrace new ideas and a profound respect for tradition. Sushi Roku’s bold and diverse menu also offers an array of hot and cold specialty appetizers and an extensive selection of exotic entrées.

Types: Japanese, Sushi Bars & Asian
Service: Lunch, Dinner & Happy Hour
Bar: Full
Catering: YES
Price: $$$